Look at what just came in :)

  1. I finally got my pistachio first and anis twiggy!! I'm so in love with the pistachio :love: it's like new as well!! :roflmfao: :yahoo:
    Not quite sure about the anis twiggy though...hmmm. I can't wait for my black 04 city to arrive tomorrow now!!:biggrin:
  2. Woweee Perc I LOVE you pistachio!!!! Not liking the anis? I think I might be with ya on that one. Congrats on BOTH though, you are one lucky girl to find these colors!
  3. Congrats! The pistachio looks delicious :love:
  4. Veeery pretty. I am thinking the anis doesn't seem to be you, from what I can tell by your comment. I like it though...Will be an easy sell if you decide against it. Congrats! You are amassing quite THE bbag collection!
  5. Congratulations! :smile:
  6. Thanx girls! Yeah your'e right Twinklette, the anis wasn't what I expected...
  7. Love the first! I bet you could find the Anis a good home, should you decide against it!
  8. That pistachio bag is to die for. Congrats on a great find!!
  9. The pistachio is TDF! GORGEOUS! I am with you with the anis, it's not my thing either. (I just can't pull off that shade). And if you are not in love, then sell that baby so you can get something else!
  10. hey, your Pistachio First and Anis Twiggy are gorgeous:heart::yes:
  11. Oh how beautiful! How I wish the pistachio was the one that didn't work out...lol It's okay my checking account is broke right now! mocean is dying to have an anis ;)
  12. Congrats!
  13. WOW ..... CONGRATS "F" :flowers: ... both bags looks GORGEOUS :yes: ! I especially would love the Anis twiggy ... is it the bigger size ? ENJOY your new beauties :love:
  14. Congrats, perceph! Beautiful bags! Maybe the anis will grow on you after a while?
  15. Thanx hun! I think it's the normal twiggy size...was there as smaller version in 04?