look at what I won off ebay!!

  1. I've wanting this coin purse forever!!! Here is the pic, and I will post more when I get it!! :nuts:
  2. cute! congratulations!
  3. Congrats.
  4. I've never seen this one before. Congrats.
  5. Congrats! I saw that one on eBay the other day when I was looking for a gold coach bag. The funny thing is that I was wondering if a pfer was going to bid on it b/c it looked so unique. I love it.
  6. CUTE!! I remember seeing one of those at the outlets this summer but in the purple. How big is this? I love my legacy coin purse, and I know you'll love yours!
  7. So cute! I have never seen that bag before. Enjoy
  8. Congrats So cute!
  9. cute!!
  10. :P Good for you! Congrats & enjoy! :heart: Emmy
  11. I saw the purple one in my outlet also. I would have bought it if it was the gold one. Beautiful....congrats!
  12. Cute!
  13. Congrats!!!
  14. Love it! Congrats!
  15. Love it! What were the bags from this line called?
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