Look at what I saw today! Matinee in Rose, Peacock, and Sunshine!!!

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I went to garden state plaza neiman marcus today. I wasn't expecting any RM because they never have them in store. But I was surprised to find these...

    Sorry the pics are blurry and was taken with an iphone (also with a lot of SAs around), so it doesnt come out good


    Sadly, these are the only RM they have in store, but I was happy because I finally see rose and peacock in person, and they are very pretty and soft :nuts:
  2. Woah!!! That makes me want to jump in the car and head to my Von Maur to see if they have any! I have never seen a Mattie in person. Thanks for the pics!
  3. What color is the one on the very bottom shelf?
  4. ^^ it was black, I didnt really pay attention to it but it doesnt look like noir...maybe the new black?
  5. Oh my gosh, I LOVE it in the peacock, that is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!
  6. oh my goodness! that Rose is BE-A-U-TIFUL!

    thanks for sharing the awesome pic!
  7. Awesome job Azumie!!! Thanks for those photos. The Mattie is so pretty in the Cruise Collection colors.
  8. :faint:
  9. ohhhhh so pretty. i just wanna rub my face in the leather. :P yummy yummy yummy
  10. I'm glad you all love the picture :P

    I really like the peacock but I worry I won't get to wear it often because it doesnt really work with my wardrobe...
  11. Thanks for the pic Azumie! I am really loving the Rose, but, like you, really can't see it working w/ my wardrobe.
  12. Thank you for the pics Azumie!!! As a Mattie lover, it is great to see her back in these beautiful, bright colors!! I love it!!:girlsigh:
  13. Thanks for the spy pics Azumie, i didn't know RM was making Matties again, the colors are beautiful!
    Early fall before i bought my first MAM,i was looking all over to see RM IRL ( i live in north jersey also ) and NM in Garden State Plaza was the only store that had them, MAB seagreen and noir, a steady and a market tote.
    Where abouts in jersey are you? I have yet to have a RM sighting!
  14. The rose is soooo pretty! For some reason, the peacock looks very much like seagreen to me...too close to justify me buying anything in peacock...although I do love greens!
  15. Holy Tamole the Mattie is GORGEOUSSSS in those pretty spring colors! Very Easter-like to me, but in a VERY good way.:nuts:

    I love the Rose and the Peacock!:drool:

    Does anyone know what any of the underflaps are like??