Look at what I did!!!

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  1. I promise you that I only went to the LV store on 5th ave to buy myself a scarf. That's all I wanted!! A red scarf.
    I walk out with the scarf and some other stuff. I even bought my boyfriend something too.:yahoo: See the pic.
  2. Wow...bought lots of things!! Congrats!!
  3. Wow...that's a nice.....um....scarf!! Hahaha...congrats!!! Beautifl purchases!!
  4. The scarf is beautiful, and I love the Koala, Cles, and Speedy :love: :love: The azur is so pretty. Congrats!!
  5. Yes, La Moda Mia. I see what you did. You were bad! Very bad, indeed....but I looooooove your new purchases!

  6. Nice..very nice haul!!
  7. :biggrin: nice things!! congrats!
  8. Love the speedy, enjoy!
  9. Nothing wrong with some extra shopping!!!:greengrin: Great purchases indeed!
  10. OMG.....:nuts:

    They're all pretty..Congrats!!!
  11. congrats so pretty can we geta pic of the sunglasses on?
  12. Congratulations.
  13. OMG some haul! I'm surprised they even had the Azur Speedy in stock. Enjoy your new goodies!
  14. Haha... Everything you got is very pretty.... I didn't even notice the scarf when I first open the picture... hehe...
    Love your bags.. =)
  15. Enjoy