Look at what I bought today .....

  1. very cute and what a great deal! Gotta love that! Post modeling pics when it arrives too!! :yes:
  2. congrats..yes..please post modelin pics when u get it!
  3. I really like that bag ! The pebbled leather looks luscious, the hardware lock is great. Congrats !!
  4. Congrats!
  5. If it's the one I'm thinking of, I've seen that bag IRL before: it's lined in leather too. Sooooo soft and yummy!!! :drool:

    Great price! It was too small for me and I'm too cheap to spend much on evening bags, so I let it go, but I petted it for the longest time! :love:

    Edit note: maybe this is a different one. On second glance, yours looks like deerskin. The one I fondled to death was lambskin. Either way though, GREAT SCORE!!!
  6. beautiful and great price!
  7. congrats!!
  8. I agree it is too small for an daytime work bag. But, I have become spoiled now;) I don't want to carry a cheap bag in the evenings either. No wonder these were called "vanity bags":rolleyes:
  9. ^^^Hee hee!

    In my case, my budget won't allow high end evening bags. Plus in spite of my oversized collection of designer bags, I do get a lot of use out of them so I don't mind spending the money on them. Besides, any of you that have followed my shopping antics here know I NEVER pay full retail. I'm basically a cheapskate, so I only buy when I like the price. The only bag I own that full price was paid for was my Chanel Medallion Tote (and DH is paying for it).

    Speaking of spoiled, I'm SO spoiled that if it isn't Prada, Gucci, Chanel, etc., I just don't want it. I ordered two really nice bags store brand bags from Bloomies last week. They were python. The original price was $300, so it wasn't cheap by any stretch. When they arrived, as nice as they were, there were just too many details missing in quality that I live for with my good bags so I sent them back. They were on sale for $125 too!!

    I've become such a label whore in my old age! :devil:
  10. What a CUTE bag! Lucky you with a great deal! :smile:
  11. Lovely!!!! Great deal!!! Post modeling pics when you get her--K? Congrats!!!
  12. cute bag! What a great deal!
  13. very nice...:smile: