Look at what I bought at Off 5th with additional 30% off!!!

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  1. “Deals & Steals” have been very good to me :heart: I was able to get these two bags (Mulberry and Isabella Fiore) for about $300.00 each. Yay :yahoo: I thought they're great for the summer, don't you think?

    BTW, these are my absolute last purchases for the next 3 months, no more bags :crybaby:I’m on a ban :yucky:

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  2. Oh, I forgot to mention that both are the larger of that style... I also saw the Mulberry at the regular Saks for $799 about 2 weeks ago :P
  3. Great deals, congrats!
  4. Nice bags at a great price! Congrats!
  5. Stunning!!! Really stunning!!
  6. Congrats! I especially love the Isabella Fiore:smile:
  7. Wow a Mulberry at Off 5th? Great deal!
  8. You lucky girl!! :yahoo:
  9. Congrats! Sounds like you got a great deal.
  10. I've had my eye on that exact IF since last spring. I love it! You are so lucky. What great off 5th did you go to?
  11. Congrats on both bags ... I absolutely love them both and such a great deal!
  12. Thank you for letting me share :heart:

    I can't wait to wear them :yahoo:

    Premium Outlets in Leesburg, VA has great stuff :love:
  13. They're darling. A good friend of mine moved to Seattle and she has purchased two fabulous Mulberry's at the Nordstrom rack there - both at about 70% off!
  14. I love your new handbags, especially the IF one.....I saw that one on a few of the purse sites and Ebay too I think recently, I think it's gorgeous for summer! Enjoy!!
  15. Yay! I love Saks Off 5th!