Look at what I ate for my B-Day!

  1. My mom and sister had a little brunch yesterday for my birthday, and they got me the coolest cake! I didn't want to cut it. LOL Unfortunately it looked better than it tasted (tto much frosting inside for my tastes), but it was the most "me" cake ever!


    It looks a little "fake"...I don't think the bakery had an authentic one to copy. ;)
  2. That is too cute!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Ha .... that is cute. :love:

    Happy Birthday! :balloon:
  4. Awww thats really sweet of them to get you a cake like that! I hope you had a wonderful bday!
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! And what a marvellous cake! HAH!
  6. Sweet b-day cake! Happy Birthday! Hope a real LV comes after the cake.
  7. That is really sweet and thoughtful... and super cute too!

    Happy Birthday, hope you have a good one! :balloon::party:
  8. Aww.. that's awesome ! How sweet, and happy birthday ! :yes:
  9. Aww too cute! Happy Birthday to you!
  10. Happy Birthday!!!! Thats a yummy fake!!
  11. Happy Birthday!
  12. So creative and thoughtful! Happy Birthday!!
  13. Really lovely & and I like it better than those stiff fondant cakes. How completely thoughtful of your family :heart:
  14. Oh how cool! It looks like a mix between a white MC Alma and a Sac Chien! :p
  15. Oh my! That cake is too cute!!!