Look at what fools on Ebay are bidding on!

  1. How can you tell it's fake?
  2. I'm not too savvy with Coach but I know that the tag and dustbag are way off.
  3. I wish ebay could do more to thwart those fake sellers!
  4. :nuts: thanks for sharing this funny post i cannot believe it but when i read the description i was like...:roflmfao:

    no wonder his wife is divorcing him.

    a fake purse on a business trip?!

    coach has never made a black and white signature c duffle that big, i believe that there may be one available in the smaller c's.

    just adding to the fact that that tags and dustbag are way off
  5. yeah, i saw that one...way off.
    i've emailed people before to warn them they were buying a fake (and some mailed me back saying they wanted a fake cause it was cheaper...oh well).
  6. my gosh thats sooo ugly and so obviously fake!
  7. tsk. tsk. poor buyer. i hope she/he knows that its a fake.
  8. Oof. ugly fake! I've seen a lot of sellers use that "this belonged to/was bought for my ex wife/ex husband. His/Her loss is your gain!" I don't believe any of it.
    Or maybe it's true and she's divorcing him for being a cheapskate! :lol:
  9. ugh... well, the winning bid was $168 USD... why would anyone pay that much for a fake, when you can get a real coach bag???
  10. oh dear,poor winner! that ebay seller has an LV papillon 30 for sale too.........(shaking my head in disbelief)......... poor bidders........the dustbag/tag was a dead giveaway for that fake coach bag....eew!
  11. They don't sell Coach bags in England!!

  12. That's true, I almost forgot about that! Coach is an American company. What a lying scammer! That LV looks terrible, too.
  13. I've reported fake Coach items on ebay so many times, but ebay never seems to take down the posts. I've even been specific about why the item is fake - for example, if the seller claims the item is #1234, I will even send ebay a picture of what the real item #1234 should look like. So I also do the "vigilante" thing and email bidders of these fake items.

  14. Well, the FIRST dead give away is Coach will never put signature lining in a signature bag...Second, That fabric is all wrong...the C's are wrong, the font is wrong...you can tell from looking at it that the bottom of the bag is not leather..It's some sort of plastic leather..It's hard and smells awful!! (I know because my girlfriend got screwed buying on ebay last year).. I feel so sorry for people that just bid on anything and don't realize it's fake..BUT to take a stranger's word for it and not research the bag is partially the buyer's fault to...I would have reported this if I saw it...NASTY!!! :heart: Emmy