Look at this!!!

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  1. Im breaking my silence, just look at what I just bought :yahoo:!! isn't it fabulous:woohoo:!! love the color:drool:? should i keep my bag:confused1:?

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  2. It's beautiful
  3. OMG! Its beautiful! I LOVE It!!!
  4. :heart: it!!!
  5. I love it! yes keep it.
  6. Oh yes, keep it...I like it though, can we share ;)
  7. That color is absolutely gorgeous!

  8. That is stunning and a keeper IMO :drool:

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    Please take the time to read our rules as there is no buying/selling/trading here. :smile:
  9. Wow that is a stunningly beautiful bag! Love the color. Keep it, keep it! :smile: Congrats on the beauty.
  10. Thanks Ima keep bag yaaaayy!!!!
  11. good choice its great!
  12. I like it a lot as well. It's a great color for fall! :smile:
  13. love it...where did you find it?
  14. can i carry around for summer as well? cant wait until fall to carry it, what about now? is it ok for day time? I know its a show stopping bag, just want to know.
  15. Stunning color!!!!!!!!! She's a keeper.