Look at this!!!!

  1. Fall is in the air
  2. pretty! i like the left one although i hear its suede =(
    those are so hard to maintain!!
  3. Those are really cute.
  4. I think the first one looks too much like Burberry.
  5. ITA if I didn't know it was coach I would say an inspired burberry. Not my thing. The second one is cute though.
  6. not my thing either, it looks like it can be faked easily,
  7. I like the looks of them, but not sure they would really go with anything I had. :smile:
  8. burberry is the first thing that popped into my head also.
  9. I love fall...
    beautiful bags..I like the one on the right.
  10. Yum - cute!
  11. LOVE the one on the right.... I purred when I saw it.
  12. They are cute, especially the second one but I have to have a shoulder strap on my bags.
  13. I love the one on the right. do we have a drilldown number or a release date?