Look at this write-up...

  1. Thanks, interestinmg read, just out of curiousity has anyone been to the bi-annual DVF sample sale, is it worth it?
  2. Very interesting indeed. Too bad I don't live in NY! :sad:
    BTW, I read about DVF sample sales before, and they're supposed to be fabulous (tons of dresses for $100).
  3. i;ve been to the DVF sample sale. they sell there dress for around $75 each or 2 for $130. it s agreat sample sale , just not a lot of size ranges. I want to find out about the Louis Vuitton employee sale. i'd buy at least 2 bags.
  4. Yes, the DVF sample sale is one of the most fun I've been to. It's pretty well organized, and they limit the number of people inside... which means you have to wait, but it also means you're not crammed into a hot, tiny room with other crazy sample salers (I've been to many, many sample sales where this is the case). No dressing rooms, though.

    I remember there being a large selection of her staples--wrap dress, jersey tops--but not a great amount of the trendy stuff from that season. It's actually been a few years since I went, though.
  5. Why oh why don't I know anyone at Louis Vuitton in New York:crybaby:
  6. I think the LV sale (for employees) is limited to ready-to-wear & shoes (as per what I've heard from my SA). There's a limit & restrictions on handbags that they're allowed to purchase.
  7. Is anyone a member of that Billion Dollar babies sample sale? I wonder if it's worth it. Guess it doesnt matter since they don't have one in Toronto. :lol:
  8. my god.. i would love to work at LV.. i have a friend that got $40.. yes $40 shoes from an LV sale..
  9. I just signed up from this article, but it's only an e-mail address to receive invitations. From the website, it doesn't look like you have to pay to be invited and go. The money just entitles you to additional benefits, like not waiting in line. I'm going to wait for the Dallas one in the fall, and if it's good, then maybe I'll pay for the membership the following year.
  10. I know there was a different thread about whether the membership was worth it or not. Try and search it to get more info...
  11. God, that quote from the "personal shopper" at the end was so stuck-up and pretentious. I want to slap her and say, "honey, if your clients can afford to pay you to <i>shop</i> for them, I'm pretty sure they're not even looking at the price tag." For the rest of us who don't have bottomless bank accounts, sample sales are a god send.
  12. Thanks, I did a quick search, found several posts about the NY and LA ones. I think I can buy a one-sale upgrade for $25 instead of the full year price. I may try that when the Dallas one swings around.

    From what I have read, these sales probably aren't for me. I'm short, and most designer stuff don't do much for me. I stick to Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft petites, and that works well. I'm really just obsessed about shoes and bags :graucho: