Look at this speedy

  1. Hi!

    Can someone take a look at this bag and tell me it is normal to have a upside down LV print? ( i hope i posted the pic right) It looks weird to me. I'm sorry i'm quite new to LV. I may be getting one off eBay and learning all there is about LV. ;)

    I'm looking through this forum all the time!
  2. the speedy is made with a continous peieve of canvas so one side will have upside down LVs.
  3. alright! so tats it..thanks!
  4. This should go in the authenticate this section...but I have a question for you., what is the plastic stuff at the base of the handles - this looks rather off to me. I am curious but just from the looks it looks off!

  5. um that lastone looks fake to me. i would need a clearer shot but i've never seen that plastic and it looks like too many stitches.
  6. Those paper thingy's are to prevent the hardware from touching the leather.
  7. oops then maybe i was wrong.
  8. :wtf::wtf:Pay attention, please! In Italy fakes have that papers near the hadles, to make it more "real".
  9. the upside down LV's are correct on a speedy but something about that bag looks off to me
  10. Yes, those were on my speedy from elux...

    Before searching for my first, I read all of Fashionphiles guides...very helpful.
  11. Thanks for the FYI...however, my BH didn't have those on it when I bought my from ELUX....Maybe just the speedy's come with them or maybe most are removed before being placed on the floor at the LV boutiques...interesting!!!

    Also, interesting that stephanie71 posted above the in itlay they put those on their fakes to make them look more realistic....interesting!! :confused1:

  12. ...After reading your original post again, so if you don't own this purse, where did you find the image? i know you are just questionning about the upsidedown LV's - but what's throwing some people off is the tabs at the base of the handles.
  13. Super attentive sluth itsgood2beme! I didn't even realize she was asking a general question. I though she owned the bag. Good eyes!
  14. Well she did say she might be getting one from eBay.
    Anyway yes, the upside down LVs are normal.