look at this poor poor bag

  1. :shrugs: I'm not too sure about the price of Bbags, but don't they usually range $800 and above?
  2. wtf $390.00 BIN???

    But I don't think it's real..
  3. Bbags only sell for retail when they are in retail condition; did you look at that bag? It has clearly been used a lot. In it's condition, $390 is the most anyone should pay for it.​
  4. I'm pretty sure it's real, too; note the bales and the hardware.
  5. seller says it's an 06 bag
  6. ooh that would be hard to clean up too, seeing as it's suede material.
  7. for starters its suede..... secondly the rivets have no notches so pre 05 and looks like pewter HW so is it an 04???? It has no metal plate so maybe even earlier..... not sure!
  8. wow, who would pay 390 for a bag in that condition?
  9. it is sad. on the other hand, it has been truly loved to me used that much.
  10. Up for auction is an authentic Balenciaga le dix bag. Otherwise known as THE bag of the century! This is a very rare olive colored suede bag. It is preowned with signs of usage/soiling on the outside and inside, but no major problems like rips, tears, or holes. Zippers have been replaced. It is priced very low because it is preowned and does show some signs of wear. But ~You won't find an authentic Balenciaga at this price again!

    SOME signs of wear? This bag looks like it was ran over by a truck! :wtf:
  11. I think this bags look worse than it really is because it's made of SUEDE and not leather.

  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao: