look at this poor bag

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  1. That is pretty sad. But I'm not going to lie, a part of me is dying to snatch up a Botkier at that price, no matter the condition.
  2. That is soooo sad.
  3. That also means it was well loved.
  4. aw poor bag.. but nice color!
  5. Gosh I wouldn't sell a bag in that state. Poor bag. It's been battered!
  6. Well I can't believe anyone would pick it up... unless if they know how to clean it up... I'd really want to know their secret...
  7. It looks like color transfer from her clothing. You could probably try to clean it, but I doubt the color would come off completely. Poor bag.
  8. That's one gorgeous bag. Too bad it has color transfers.
  9. Add ~$300 to the price to have LMB restore it, and you could almost buy a new bag.
  10. That's pretty sad. But at least it's on the back and not the front. So the new owner can kind of hide it...
  11. Poor bag.
  12. "Some pen marks on the outside" is the biggest understatement! That's why I never carry pens in my bags.
  13. I thought it looked like Green Mold. I'm surprised it went for over 100.00. I wonder if LMB could save it even, and it wouldn't be cheap.
  14. lol ...yeah its a sad bag...someone must of used it alot!!