Look at this pic

  1. [​IMG]

    I thought this was interesting :smile:
  2. I saw the dolphins.....

    after I read what followed:graucho:
  3. where are the dolphins?
  4. me too!
  5. i picked out the dolphins before i read what followed...
  6. Even after I read the explanation I couldn't find the dolphins.
  7. the dolphins are dark
  8. HUH..What dolphins????

    LOL..I must be VERY corrupted..rofl..go figure........
  9. maybe my computer is just slow... I can only read dauphins. Hehe.
  10. ^
    That's french. ;)

    Yeah, I couldn't see the dolphins before reading the rest, I blame it on bad vision. :sweatdrop:
  11. I actually see a spider???? LOL
    I'm not corupt!! YEA!!!...
  12. hmm.. i'm not seeing anything at all.. not even the pic
  13. no dolphins... and I was staring for quite a while.... damn boobies got me all distracted!

  14. AHHHHH- HA! found 'em thanks!! :yahoo:
  15. Same here... our minds are corrupted beyond repair!