Look at this mini NOE EPI for VIP~ so cute!!!

  1. That is so cute! But for $3500? :weird: I'll pass.
  2. I admit it's kinda cute but IMO only an idiot would pay that kinda price for something so useless :lol: .
  3. Very cute but the price is too extreme. Can probably get 3 -4 of the real size version epi noes for that price :P
  4. Cute but NOT for the $$$!!!:wacko:
  5. Absolutely ADORABLE, but the price is INSANE!!!!!!!
  6. OMG .... no comment ....
  7. That's adorable. I swear, some of these sellers are doped up.
  8. Why is it so pricey? Because it's VIP only? That's a bit much for the amount of material they're using...:huh:
  9. I wish these weren't so expensive.
  10. It's really cute but it is way over-priced.
  11. I Saw Pictures Of The Whole Collection....Too Cute!!! $3500....I Thought They Were Free Gifts Or GWP?!!! Ha!
  12. So adorable, but for $3,500??? Uh NO!
  13. That's the cutest thing ever it would be reasonable for like 35 bucks.
  14. i saw that auction too! its really cute and theres another one with the mini speedy