Look at this LV font...OMG

  1. That label is hideous!
  2. That is the worst I have ever seen!!!
  3. *sigh* some people are so desperate to get a "louis vuitton" at a discount/cheap price that all common sense flies out the window...
  4. wha...???? I guess the buyer thought people wouldn't see that part???
  5. LOL it's too ridiculous for words!!! :sick:
  6. EW. that is the worst leather/stiching i've seen yet. yuck.
  7. 17 bids already????!!!! :blink: Have I died?????
  8. :amazed: :nuts: :weird: WOW!!!
  9. OMG where has the world fallen??

    Have u looked at the zippers... OMG that patch really sucks, how cheeky can people be? and how fool ebay bidders can be? Tnx God we buy the real thing hehe
  10. ech. who are they trying to kid?
  11. When fakes are this bad, I kind of blame the consumer !
  12. I am sure people know they are bidding on a fake LV. It's sad.
  13. That's the fugliest fake stamp I've ever seen!
  14. O man the stamp!!! I'm speechless!!