Look at this little beauty in POPPY!

  1. This is my first post in MJ forum but I couldn't resist showing my new bag! MbMJ Softy Messenger in POPPY! (I think I got that right) It's so smooshy and the color is just delicious. Perfect for schlepping kid stuff and keeping the hands free!

  2. Very cute! I think Poppy is such a pretty color. Congrats!
  3. I agree, love the color, cute bag. Congrats!
  4. pretty color!
  5. I just bought a mj in that color I love it...how big is your bag?
  6. Sooooooo cute! I LOVE that color!!
  7. Very cute! Where did you buy it from? I haven't seen it online (altho I probably missed it!)
  8. wahhh.. what a cute bag!!!...~
  9. Very Pretty:tup:
  10. Congrats! :woohoo: Its fab! I've seen a girl on the metro with it and I couldn't stop staring at it! :shame:
  11. Thanks everyone! I saw it in Bloomingdales at Stanford, CA. I couldn't find it online ANYWHERE so I went back and snagged it! It's about 13 x 12 x 5, really the perfect size to fit everything without loading me down.
  12. I have this in back, love it - BUT I am VERY jealous of your poppy! Congrats!!
  13. that is a great bag! love the poppy. if it came in navy, uh oh.
  14. It's so adorable!
  15. Congratulations! Poppy is a great color.