Look at this Iphone case !! intrecciato like BV

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  1. I can't believe it..:nuts: it is nice ...but are they allowed to do this !!
    I am tempted though:biggrin:

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  2. People have been weaving leather for centuries... But that case is fake leather, so I don't think anyone could confuse the two manufacturers. ;)

    Btw, missed you, where have you been?
  3. shucks i cannot find cool cases for the blackberry
  4. ^ I agree doloresmia - I'm still a BlackBerry girl, even though I know that is just SOOOOOO 2007!
  5. I have seen really nice crocodile leather case with lamb leather lining for BB here in BKK ;)
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    Last edited: Jul 14, 2009
    fpiccione, my friend has that case.
    My friend bought it to match her ebano veneta : )
    If you want a fun fashionable case then that's what it is.
    But anyone can tell it's made of plastic.

    I wish I can take you shopping.
    We got all kind of iphone cases here.
    Even LV case. They are all from China, of course.
  7. show us what they have...:P
  8. jburgh Hi, I have been busy working during the week and away the last few weekends ;o)) not much time to comment but I have been checking ... making sure I do not miss the next SO ;o))

    I am not sure I will buy this iphone case.. I was just surprised how it looked so much like a BV...I actually have had a leather one from Sena case ( which are nice) and some silicon ones too... but it would be nice to have BV make something special for Iphone ;o))
  9. Okay... I saw this and I realized, *this* is what I've been waiting for! :nuts: Silicone cases are often too loose over time.

    In the Style description it says that it comes in a "Bottega-like basket weave" (I'm assuming interciatto), and would love to see those too.

    However when I went to the Urban Outfitters site, I only can view the previous models and not the ones featured on Style.

    Anyone have any info on this product?

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  10. Those are darling!! We have an Urban Outfitters store literally down the street. I will try and get over there this weekend and see if they have them.
  11. Come to Bangkok!
    There are hundreds to choose from.
    They're fun!

  12. So true!!! ^^^^ I know 1st hand, have a lovely reddish pink lizard skin and a sparkly blue one!! My phone fits nicely into the cell phone pocket of my BVs. The silicone ones don't slide...
  13. That's okay! My BFF is an AT&T exec. and can have any phone she wants, and she always has Blackberrys!
  14. nard, maybe you should have a little ebay business selling cases!