Look at this cutie! Toilet case

  1. If anyone is considering a toilet case. I say GO FOR IT! It's so cute:heart: and so much bigger then I expected. It's about twice the size of the LV Wapity (sp?)
    P1040117.JPG P1040113.JPG P1040114.JPG P1040115.JPG
  2. So so cute! May I ask where you got it from and how much it was please?
  3. Yeah! Where did you find one in that color? I love it!
  4. Cute I love Balenciaga accessories :love:
  5. And they are cuter too!!!:yes:
  6. Thanks! I have a truffle toilet but have not seen the LV wapity side-by-side, so I am really appreciative of this post. I won't be buying a wapity soon if they are that small.
  7. sorry to go OT, but Clake, did you get a new YSL muse?!?! :nuts:...i saw a guy in nyc wearing one & it looked HOT!!! :back2topic:

    p.s. i absolutely love your new black toilet case Z&J :heart:

  8. No I have not gotten it yet - I can't get a straight response on how much the Men's Muse costs. Its a beautiful bag and I am trying to save my pennies to get it -- I figure by Spring it will be mine.
  9. You know I love it Z&J!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love: I love the Wapity too but I chose the Bal b/c it is way more roomier!!!!!!!
  10. The only thing I use my Wapity for is my digital camera. It's the perfect size for the camera and battery charger.

  11. Thanks aaallabama I am in :heart: too......:yes:
  12. I agree! I have the toilet case in Grenat and its CHUBBY! It will hold a lot!

    Would LOVE to find one in blueberry or french blue....
  13. I need to get up off my lazy butt and post a pic of all the stuff that fits into my toilet case. It's astonishing how much fits in there!
  14. z&j wow i love that congrats !! :smile:
  15. Oh, it's so cute! Looks so hugable!