Look at this cute pink LV

  1. OMG!!! I LOVE IT!!! But the price!:wtf:
  2. so cute..
  3. ooooh!
  4. ^^i know. The price is crazy :upsidedown: Can I borrow about $5k anyone?

    Her items are well taken care of. I think she has a Cerise keepall for sale too if I remember correctly

    (I am not the seller for those who are wondering :lol: )
  5. i loveee that line!
  6. It's actually Purple their flash is on....VERY bright...but Pink wouldn't be a bad color for the bag..
  7. I love it but it's a bit expensive

  8. Oh wow. its purple?? The flash was REALLY bright then.
    Oh well. Not like I was going to buy it anyway :roflmfao:
  9. I remember seeing this in the newspaper when they were opening the LV store down here. I just found the clipping yesterday and was thinking to myself, "what a cute bag!" Lol.
  10. cute, but not my style though
  11. It has more purple tones than pink. I have the blue sac de nuit which I love..this is one of my fav ranges:heart:
  12. It is very cute, but not 5K cute.