look at this cute cake handbag

  1. can you believe those handbags are actually cake?
  2. the link didn't work when I clicked on it. :sad:
  3. I want to see cake handbags. :sad:
  4. I like the Chloe one-that's adorable!
  5. Im just so amazed that that is cake and not an actual purse lol
  6. omg, the Dior looks deliciousss!

  7. The Chloe and Dior are amazing.
  8. they're so cute and good enought to eat
  9. i can't see the cake handbags either =(
  10. Me either :crybaby:
  11. OMG! The Chloe cake looks AMAZING! MMM.. and good too!
  12. I can't see them either :crybaby: says permission denied.
  13. ^Same here! : (