Look at this crazy spy!

  1. I do not care for it...what do you all[​IMG] think?? Its $3,338 CRAZY!!
  2. A work of art!
  3. I actually think its really beautiful, but I'd never dare buy it cos I'm too clumsy to keep it clean.
  4. I don't like squirrels.
  5. I have this bag in burgundy. It is gorgeous.
  6. Not my cup of tea.
  7. It's nothing I would normally carry, but I think it's just lovely. A work of art, really.
  8. it's a bit much....
  9. Its not me either. And the colour combo is kinda...
  10. I think its beautiful!
  11. i saw this bag at Barneys in New York over xmas of 2005! IRL it is stunning!!!! its velvety and the emboirdery work is amazing..! but I would never be able to care for it properly! feels more like a display peice!
  12. beyonce has this bag - it is a strange looking bag, but to me squirrels are just rats with furry tails so I would never get one. same thing with the skull trend - gross!
  13. Its pricey and not my style but I kinda like the uniqueness of it. It seems sort of whimsical!
  14. I think it looks too "over the top". I find the blue jean version with white handles nicer.
  15. i like it...dont know why but i do !
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