Look at this cell phone!!!

  1. WOW!! My ultimate dream phone! :nuts: :heart:

  2. It has a flashlight and stylus?
    It's practical. I'd buy it.
  3. hahah awesome! you should get it!
  4. Unfortunatly, it's way too expensive for me right now... :crybaby:
  5. So cute!
  6. i am a hello kitty addict! i love hello kitty, her twin sis, Mimi, kathy, timmy, daniel...chococat, cinnaroll...i love them!

    THAT PHONE IS SO FREAKIN CUTE...sooo expensive though
  7. Aww. I love Hello Kitty stuff..
  8. sweet.
  9. so adorable!!
  10. That's so cute! I should tell my sister to buy it!
  11. That is so cute.
  12. OMG! i never seen a slider phone with a camera! i love it!
  13. Cute! :girlsigh:
  14. too cute!