Look at this bag!! Opening your e-mail is...

  1. dangerous for your financial health!!

    Whyyy do I open mail from Hayden Harnett? It's going to lead to trouble. I can already "feel" this bag. Okay, why should I not torture you all? :jammin:

    Hayden-Harnett Handbags & Accessories - Item Detail

    And the sale is still on...
  2. Nice bag. But I don't see any indication of sale discount. Is 448 the final sale price? To me, that is too much money to pay for that bag. I do like the Pewter and the Blue Croco.
  3. Hi Lexie! Do you not see this?

    $448.00 $313.60 ? Maybe it's because I've ordered so many from them, but you have too, haven't you? That's almost $130 off the regular price. (I know, "fuzzy math.")

    Do you see the $313.60 as the Sale price? Maybe I'm going blind, or something. :supacool:
  4. Oh, it had the original price marked through, but it didn't show up when I punched 'Submit.'
  5. Woow, it looks great. I love the color.
  6. Weird. The Sale isn't showing up for me on either the detail page or the buy it now page. Hmmm. I can't buy anything now anyway. I really have to wait until Spring. I want a Twiggy, a Gryson, and a Kooba. I just started using my Lorca today. It fits all my everyday stuff. It's a very cute bag.
  7. what a beautiful color!! Nice sale price, too. Go for it!