Look at this auction....

  1. :yucky: ME TOO :cursing: :Push:
  2. it doesnt even look auth FFS!
  3. I know....shocking isnt it

    I nearly e-mailed the top bidder...
  4. :throwup::throwup::throwup:... Ugh.. 47 bids? :wtf: That makes me sad.
  5. It's the best reason for selling too: an unwanted $1500 gift.

  6. haha yeah exactly!
  7. :cursing:
  8. That is so awful!:cursing:
  9. My God it must be one of the worst fakes ever...so stiff.And the story for her husband killing her....:cursing: :rant:
  10. A lot of the same people bidding ........ probably friends --- so f'ing sad, makes it worse for Ebays legit sellers.