Look at this Adorable Pochette!!

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  1. I just noticed this on Elux, its adorable!! I'm saving for a new bag...but this is so tempting!
    Multi pochette.jpg
  2. Oh that is cute! How much is it?
  3. $330
  4. hmmm MC is so expensive for such a small item!
  5. Cute :smile:
  6. It's still on my wishlist.
  7. Cute item
  8. oh, i saw that in a look book! how cute for an mc item. but hte price is a bit much...
  9. Yes that is a way cute item. I would love to have that as well maybe I'll save up and that will be my first LV purchase. Can hang it off my other bags.:p
  10. Awww .... this is the MC Pochette MM ... it is way too cute! :love:

    The Black MC Pochette GM is on my "wish" list. :graucho: