Look at this... a not yet released bag on ebay?!

  1. eBay: COACH 2007 LIMITED EDITION LEGACY STRAW TOTE BAG XXL ! (item 320090289505 end time Mar-12-07 09:22:13 PDT)

    How could this happen? As far as I know, this bag (from the most recent catalogue) hasn't even been released, but it's on eBay?!

    Or could it be fake?

    I'm not asking for any one to authenticate it per se, i'm just opening a discussion of how something like this could happen if it is authentic, and to gripe about the speed at which the fakers work, if it's a fake.

    thoughts, anyone?
  2. it may already be available to order from jacksonville. i know a lot of us here order things through them that aren't available in stores yet.
  3. ^ Yes, and I know alot of people that ordered through JAX have received their items sooner then expected...

    On a side note... I realize its straw, not leather - but it doesn't come with a dust bag?? Even if Coach doesn't usually make them that large, I would want a dust bag for a LE item!! Yeah... you could store it in its box, since its not leather... but I would still want a dust bag inside of the box!!! Just a thought. :smile:
  4. This line of straw bags has a wide open top. They have the one with the leather around the top at Nordies. I have no idea what I would do with a big bag like that with a wide open top. I could see it falling all over in the car, being a target - easy to grab stuff out of it in a store or wherever, etc.

    But it is beautiful!
  5. I know that there are a few people that get stuff from Coach before they even come out. They sell them on eBay for major profit. I wouldn't buy that for 900 bucks. I'm not that desperate.
  6. No offense to anyone, but I think that's really ugly (and way overpriced).
  7. does that thing have a million little coach tags on it? i dunno, just not for me! and i'd rather spend that money on a million other things. yew... i dun like it. gayman would say "i hate the basket"
  8. i hate to see people paying so much for something that you can obviously ORDER already...sigh...
  9. I agree and it's WAY too big for that style.
  10. UGLY

    it doesn't matter if you get it first either, cuz it's still ugly.
  11. now, don't hold back on us. tell us how you really feel!

  12. I think this is something that the general public (ie: non tPF members) probably doesn't know, I went to my local boutique on tuesday to pick up a few things and asked about an Ergo bag and was told they did not come out until April, I asked if she was sure because I'd already seen people with them and that is when she told me she would check that maybe she could order it, She did and it should be delivered today. Yay for tPF! :smile:
  13. i know. but isn't it commonly assumed that if ONE person has it, it can be ordered? that would most certainly be my assumption (with or without tpf's input, lol).
  14. LOL, I agree. I hate when they do anything with those hang tags, like that belt from a few seasons ago *shudder*
  15. Ok, so it can be ordered. Well, I for one won't be ordering one... I don't hate, I just don't like it. Certainly not enough for the money.
    But then again I'm not looking for a straw bag... maybe if I was, I might feel differently.

    I've liked a lot of the Coach baskets over the years, but I still love my Kate Spade Poppy Basket... I've had it for years but it still comes out to play in the summer while my Coaches take a vacation. :rolleyes: