look at these!!

  1. Yes they are!
  2. Those are so cute!! A little much for the price...but cute!
  3. ^^ it's only $16.99 at tj maxx
  4. yeah they are really cute!!! really fun too...
  5. very cute!
  6. Love them! So cute!
  7. cute! cheap, too!
  8. So cute!!

    If only they came in pink :p
  9. :yes: they are cute , i really like the silver .... i'm not a gold fan
  10. Very cute!! And way to score a great price too!
  11. Cuuute!
  12. Adorable, but I wish they weren't so metallic.

    I'd love one in a more muted color!
  13. ooh adorable find! great price, too.
  14. Great score! They're both so cute.