Look At These Puppies..or Hounds

  1. [​IMG]
  2. who is that?

    her boobs look like they're trying to eat her. :smile:
  3. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  4. I guess the latest trend is wearing your breasts as EARRINGS!:P :lol:
  5. She's some irish singing lady, used to be married to Bryan MacFadden who is an ex-westlife member. If I'm not mistaken.
  6. Attack of the killer mammaries...

    Are they real?
  7. Oh, lets not be horrible to her. She hasn't done anything wrong to anyone.
    That photo's a few years back. Shes quite well known for her huge and very real breasts. Shhe used to be in a girl band, but left. Anyway she can't sing to save her life.
    Se was married to and ad a few kids (and ts left te girlband to do these) with Brain Macfadden. Who then left her for a young Australian girl after cheating on her and denying it for ages.
    I feel quite bad for her. One day she had a happy family and the next she had no husband, sold her house and because she didnt have an income started doing TV commercials.

    I'm sure she isn't perfect either. But the press hassle her alot. And I can imagine how much it would hurt seening your husband, even befre you are divorced with some australian hot chic all over the papers.
  8. If they are real, then the person who styled her for this shot needs to BE shot, as they have made her breasts look as fake as can possibly be.

  9. Theyre real alright. Thats what shs famous for! She had them lifted after her two kids.

    Bless, i have a soft spot for her. She used to do topless stuff, untill she had the kids.

    her now;
  10. Its not often that I take a very real dislike to anyone, but I make an exception with Kerry Katona.
    She is in every single crap mag every week, and has absolutely no talent. Rumours of drug taking follow her around like a bad smell. She certainly does not come across as a decent mother. Apologies to the people who do like her (both of you!), but she is hideous.

  11. I fell sorry for her. I do not like her. Rumours are rumours, naturally you know that. To counter act every bad rumour theres one about how hard she is working, or about how broke she is and how herex isn't giving alimony.

    I just think people are too hard on her. Life must be difficult as a z-list celeb who can't do anything for herself and has children to look after.
  12. I agree, all the rumours my not be true, but she does not help herself by courting publicity by spouting crap in her weekly columns. She seems to meet a guy and move him into her house in minutes! Its not great for her kiddies is it :sad:
    But for me, her most hilarious recent quote was, how I managed to get back into a size eight!!! my god, one corner of those breasts wouldnt get in a size eight!!! I nearly choked on my cornflakes reading that one :biggrin:
  13. I am NOT a fan and I'll just leave it at that.:amuse:
  15. I think she looks MUCH better now! Dark hair suits her better...