Look at these pics and give me your opinion...pretty please!

  1. Was it her curvy, rounded, feminine shape or her golden metal buckles or her chic orange-red intereior or her comfy shoulder straps or her convenient outer pockets that drew me to her? :confused1:

    I can’t be sure, but one of my long time fantasies was to own this beauty! Now Belem MM is mine!

    What do you think? Do we make a nice couple? I am a smaller bag girl (have a Viva Cite MM, Eliza, Speedy 25, Sologne, and the like). Belem MM is my biggest…does she look too big for me? Please be honest…I need your unbiased opinion.

    BelemMMAngled.jpg BelemMM1.jpg BelemMM2.jpg BelemMM3.jpg BelemMM4.jpg
  2. I love it! It looks great on you!!! HONEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yes: :wlae: :yahoo:
  3. Oh it is such a lovely bag, gorgeous on you, enjoy!
  4. TBH....

    I love it on you!! It looks adorable :heart:
  5. You are rocking that bag. Size looks perfect. Congratulations!
  6. I think it looks great!
  7. This bag suits you well :smile:
  8. It's a good size for you. You look great together. Congrats.
  9. It looks great! It's a fine size for you!!
  10. Looks great, and a terrific size for you.:yes:
  11. very pretty! i want this bag too but i am on a purse ban right now.
  12. I love it! It looks like the perfect size for you..and I love Jack & Lucie on it also :love:
  13. that is a great bag, and it looks great on you!! :yes:
  14. It looks great on you! It isn't too big at all, and it is beautiful!
  15. You were made for each other!!