Look at these cute luggage tags!

  1. I ran into a small gift shop the other day looking around and came across a whole bunch of luggage tags. Love cute luggage tags and I rarely see any!

    When I spotted these, I had to get them! :smile: They are so cute!


    CIMG0194 (Medium).JPG CIMG0195 (Medium).JPG

    Where did you GET those?!
  3. Those are cute, how funny! The play on words is perfect - I wonder if we look up inventive travelware....
  4. I found them in a Hallmark store!
  5. OMG I love the ones about how this is not your bag. Those are great. I'm so ordering some of these.
  6. My husband travels a lot and carries a non-descript black rolling bag, so I got him the one that says "www.notyours.mine.':rolleyes:
  7. that's fun, since it obviously means coach airplane seats, but none of us have to think of it that way!
  8. I bought a few of the others that day, too -- they are really cute!
  9. teehee, I have the one that says Does this bag make my butt look big? I got it at my hair dresser's.
  10. OMG! I sooo need luggage tags for my new luggage! Thanks!!
  11. Those are cute!! I've decided to get all new (matching) luggage, so I'm going to have to get some of these!!
  12. Man, this actually makes me wish I traveled. I usually just take my luggage down the shore with me and don't worry about the tags. But they're so damn cute, I think I'll pick up a few just for the hell of it!

    ....I'm trying to convince mom and dad to take me to Seaworld for college graduation. I really want to swim with the dolphins. WOW that makes me sound so lame lol most kids want cars or money...I want to swim with dolphins. I'm rolling my eyes as I'm typing this!