Look at the Olympe AKA The cloud bag...PICS***

  1. Hey guys, I know you are all excited about the Olympe, well some of you are...
    I found a picture of it on eBay that will take your breath away....
  2. i love this line! i'm thinking of getting one of the Olympe bags, if i knew the prices and if they're not too big on me
  3. :nuts: I love this line....so cute
  4. i saw that too. It is soooo beautiful.

  5. here you go from the summary thread

    These are showing on the website now

    Stratus Gm shown in Beige price 2200 Euro's ( approx £1500 $2940 US)
    Nimbus shown in Ecru 1700 Euros (£1165 $2272 US)
    Cirrus shown in Ecru 1800 Euro's (£1232 $3510 US)

  6. ooooh thanks so much :nuts:!
  7. The Stratus GM is 2200 euros just like the riveting in lambskin which retails for $3,300.00
  8. I really love this line.
  9. It is beautiful congratulations.
  10. I love this line tooo...:heart:
  11. Gorgeous pic! Love this line, definitely contemplating getting one of these bags.
  12. Its beautiful
  13. I'm sure crystal posted somewhere that the nimbus was either $2500 or $2700 so either my conversions are off of those in the US are paying more
  14. very beautiful but pricey...
  15. I love it too but how long is it gonna stay around for? The denim cruise line stayed really short while...
    When the bags are stopped being sold in the store, I tend not to wanna use it anymore. I feel its outa date, does anyone else feel this way too?