Look at the cute pic my bf drew! haha!

  1. I told him I wanted the amore for the adios guy. He sent me this as his reasoning to why I dont need any more bags.
  2. Whiskers, Your bf is so sweet and he has got talent in drawing too!
  3. Wow, he can draw good. I couldnt even draw that thing.
  4. wow! he's got skills
  5. Aww that's cute!
  6. Wow he is so cute.
  7. that is really cute, what a sweetie!
  8. That is sooo cute!!!
  9. aww thats soo sweet of your bf ...nice drawing too :biggrin:
  10. That is just too cute!
  11. So cute! What a sweetie.
  12. thats really cute!! Tokilicious Jenny and I draw each other Lattes, but she cheated and had her BF draw it for her, I have it framed in my "craft area" cause it is just too dang cute!!

  13. thats soo cute! where did you get your posters??
  14. they were postcards from the signings, I just framed them :biggrin:
  15. awww..i want those too!! ...too bad i wont see him ever..its a great idea to frame them! :biggrin: