look at the cute keychain I just got!

  1. [​IMG]

    I've been wanting this forever (it's from early 05 I think)and they never show up on eBay for less than like $55. One finally did so I emailed her and she sold one to me for $25! I'm excited

    I'm a gambling girl, love Vegas, so this is perfect for me! I've been looking for the perfect keychain, I bought one of those lobster claw things too, so I'm all set. YAY
  2. Aww... that is cute! Bring it to Vegas for good luck! :yes:
  3. Super Cute!
  4. thanks! plus I thought it might look cute with my red ergo
  5. Hey Court,
    That IS cute! I went to Vegas last year and it was GRAND!!! I want to go back... We could all go!!!
    Maybe we can win some money to buy more bags?
    HI DZZZZY! I'm a Roanoke Girl too! (I moved away though and I miss the mountains!!!)
  6. So cute. I had been looking for that one for a while too and didn't want to pay as much as it was going on eBay. Great find at a great price!
  7. there are two more on ebay and the prices aren't bad, search coach lucky ( bought mine from one of the sellers, but we did it off of ebay, I never do that, but I was willing to chance it for $25, and she's a good coach seller)
  8. That is awesome! Viva Las Vegas!

    And yes...I think it will compliment your hobo nicely!
  9. Great deal Court! It'll look fab with your patent hobo!!!

    Maybe it'll bring you loads of luck in Vegas too! cha-ching! :graucho:
  10. Very cute. Good find!
  11. cool.. where did you get the lobster claw thing?
  12. ebay seller [​IMG]collectorsdice

    its called a trigger snap

    he had them for the cheapest on ebay $5.98 w shipping
  13. That's very cute! Good price too! :tup: It will compliment your ergo very well! :yes: Good luck in Vegas!
  14. I had no idea this was made!! That is SO cute! Congrats!

    Now I need one. :rolleyes: We had a casino open in my town about a year ago -- that would be fun to put on my bag!

    How do you work the lobster claw thingie? Do you attach the keychain to the keychain?
  15. I've never seen that! How cute. I wish there was a list of older Coach things by catagory. I would love to see all the older Keyfobs and Charms. I would love to see all the wristlets too. I get lost if it goes back more than a year or so.