look at the CRAZY nurse & how she washes a newborn

  1. I stopped at 3 minutes in to the video.

    That nurse handles the new born baby like a butcher handles a piece of meat. Thank goodness she'll be too young to remember this traumatizing experience.
  2. which nurse? the first one the the male and he is terriable but it's the woman nurse who is horriable i wish i knew what hospital so i can report her
  3. :cursing: I'm Sofa king pissed right now. I would've smacked her in the head if she did that to my baby.

  4. They weren't speaking English, right?

    I wish someone who works for that hospital gets to watch the video and report it to the hospital admin.
  5. can you believe it was the father taping it and he didn't say a word...if i was his wife i would have cut off his balls...lol..i would
  6. was it french? maybe i was so mad i didn't notice humm it didn't sound french to me i also was looking at the marking on the bed sheets but couldn't see it to clear

  7. :roflmfao:This made me spit my soda ahahahahah holy cripes! But I'd do the same if DH just stood there. :tdown:
  8. :shocked:

    No wonder every kid I know hates taking baths.
  9. Moms or neo-natal nurses and attendants, is this typical?:mad:

    I cannot forget the crying...it hurts! :sad:

    The video scared my cat, Betty, too.
  10. I don´t want to watch that it would make me so upset.
  11. I am sick to my stomach right now....that pisses me off so effing much. I'd punch that nurse. Poor defenseless baby. I couldn't watch it anymore....and who the HELL video taped it??????
  12. :wtf: I couldn't wathc it all. I hate baby screams and this was going on for too long.

    And it's absolutely not french. Around 4:10 they are talking, it's sounds very eastern european.
  13. OK first off, what the hell is wrong with the father?? If you read through the comments he(or the wife, I cant remember) says this is their SEVENTH child! You would think by now he would know thats NOT how you bathe, or handle a baby. I am just...in awe. I was waiting for her to hit the baby's head on the faucet, she came sooo close! I wonder if they have given the video to a lawyer?? I would have that *****es license sooo fast! Not to mention the first nurse(the guy) he isnt much better at handling the kid. Ugh, just...ugh.
  14. Israel. Or the US, in a Jewish hospital.