Look At MyNEW Burberry...

  1. ooh its lovely:love: . Congrats
  2. Very very lovely! Congrats!
  3. its so cute! congrats.. you have a lovely friend!
  4. Congrats ! :smile: Thats a very nice bag! For christmas, I was either asking for that one or the shimmercheck martha but I went with the Martha. Thats ones very nice though! Enjoy!
  5. Congratuolations.
  6. It is very cute.
  7. I love that! She is gorgeous - love the way she sparkles!
  8. Congrats!!!
  9. i love the sparkles!
  10. Your new bag is great, I saw it at the Burberry shop at the Breakers in Palm Beach. I liked it because it could be used as a dressy bag as well as every day!
  11. now THAT is the kinda best friend i need to be finding myself.

    love the sparkly
  12. That is one of the cutest bags i have ever seen. You lucky duck!:yes:
  13. So cute. Love the sparkle!
  14. Oh that is sooo pretty! What is the name of it?