Look at my poor Pomme!! What have I done to her!? Help needed!!

  1. I've just noticed this ugly mark on my cles!! (She's only a few weeks old, and has rarely been used) :sad:


    What's it most likely to be do you think? A scuff?
    I always thought I was so careful with my things!!

    Does anyone know of any way I can remove it at all?

    Please help. I feel so sorry for her!! :crybaby:

  2. Try gently wiping it with the baby wipes see how that works.
    Is it more like an accumulation or a deep scratch?
  3. Actually I've no idea but want to "warn" only, don't rub or sweep it hard with eraser or something like that! I've bad experince and the vernis material rub!
  4. Try a soft cloth moistened with a tiny bit of water...I use my eye glass cloth to clean my pomme cles. Good luck!
  5. i feel your pain! try some baby wipes?
  6. I agree with the others. Try some baby wipes and gently rub. Let us know if it works. Good Luck! :flowers:
  7. that sux, sorry that happened..
  8. Guys!! I did it!! I got rid of it!!
    The mark is now non-existant :yahoo:Hoorah!! The beauty of my pomme has now been restored!!

    First I tried a clean cloth - didn't work, then I tried a slightly damp cloth - didn't work, so then I went with you guys and tried baby wipes - didn't work...

    In a final attempt I went with the words of a few others (from different posts over the months) and tried a cotton bud dampened with half water, half acetone-free nail polish remover!! I was terrified it would back-fire, but my pomme looks amazing. Just like on the day I first got her :biggrin: Oh I'm so happy!!
  9. Congrats! I would have been scared out of my mind to use nail polish remover. Glad it worked out for you
  10. im so glad it worked out!
  11. Oh I would be so scared to use polish remover, but I'm glad it worked! Now you can enjoy your beautiful Pomme again!:happydance: