look at my new twilly!

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  1. Hi everyone. Yesterday I stumbled upon a cute little consignment shop and saw this twilly. My entire H collection consists of a few bracelets and scarves. But it's a start.
    I paid $60 for it. What do you think?
  2. Love it!
    I have the black/white one.
    What a great price too.
  3. Great price for a lovely twilly, congrats!!
  4. Love it!!! :tup:
  5. Love it - and you scored the box too. Congrats. Watch out, twilly's are addictive.
  6. ^^^Beautiful!! I LOVE IT! Congratulations, and enjoy! GREAT PRICE!:yahoo:
  7. Oh thank you all for looking. :flowers:

    maxter you are so right. I've been looking at photos in this forum and admiring everything.
  8. Love the bolduc twilly! Such a good price!
  9. that's a fantastic price and anything bolduc just looks great, congrats on scoring it!
  10. Congrats- love the tonal gray combo!
  11. Congratulations!! Love the colour. Great price too.
  12. Great price!
    And very versatile!
  13. You got yourself a good deal there. I love the Bolducs and I don't see them much any more.
  14. And they seem to be in demand right now. Great find!
  15. I love it! I have the black and white and just adore it! Great price on yours too! Damn, that is amazing!