Look at my new pieces!!!!!

  1. Hey guys I got the Antigua Pochette Plate GM and the Damier Porte-Cartes Simple TODAY in paramus!! I was pulled between the Poche Toilette 26 but you guys talked me out of it so i got the Antigua instead and threw in the Porte-Cartes!!! Gona get the strap soon for the Antigua.
    Picture 003.jpg Picture 004.jpg Picture 005.jpg
  2. Congrats, those two look great together!
  3. congrats on the great items...they all look so good! I love the pochette plate!!
  4. Thanks i also thought the damier and the antigua looked really good together!
  5. Nice purchases! Congrats!
  6. does anyone else have the antigua in a diff color or if you put a strap on it
  7. Very nice..congrats!!
  8. Very nice :smile:
  9. Oooo, good choices!!!
  10. Congrats!! They look awesome!
  11. Great pieces!!!:nuts: CONGRATS!!!
  12. LOVE the antigua! i want to get one in blue!!!
  13. matt u should its really nice and roomy soon im gona get the strap to use like a wristlet
  14. They really look nice.
  15. Congrats!!!:yahoo: The chocolate look soooo yummy:P