Look at my new mini skinny.

  1. Just wanted to share my new Coach accessory purchase. I love this punch color. Isn't cute.:yes: :yahoo: :heart: I hope they make a bag in this color. Do you guys think they will?

  2. Cute!!! Love the color!

    They used to make a hippie that was that color...not sure what happened to it though.
  3. You must be a pink girl too! I would so love to see a handbag in this pink. Congrats on your new purchase!
  4. That color just pops!
  5. That's so cute! I love the color. :yes:
  6. Very cute, and perfect for a pink summer. Enjoy!
  7. That color is gorgeous and perfect for spring!
  8. Ooooh, so pink and pretty. I love it!
  9. I love that mini skinny, such a gorgeous color. I have the Hamptons wallet in Punch. I wish they would make a handbag that color.
  10. love it!!!!
  11. So cute! I always eye that one in the store. Actually trying to win the matching agenda on eBay! Congrats on your cute new purchase!
  12. I love that - it is so adorable and such a pretty color!
  13. It is adorable! I may have to have that...
  14. So cute- love the pink
  15. Too cute!! Love the color:heart: :heart: :heart: