Look At My New Little Sweetheart Planet!!

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  1. I'm so happy :yahoo: I just bought this litte darling:love:

    So many goodies are waiting for me when I get back to Denmark... I can hardly wait...:drool:

    I just had to share it... Hope you find it as adoring as I do.. Boobies are so seldom seen in Denmark, so I consider myself very lucky finding it... :party:

  2. it's so cute! is it suede? or is it just my monitor?
  3. that's so cute. love your boobie!
  4. Hi again, its not suede, the picture was just bad/small.

    Here she comes again:

  5. pretty anyway :smile:
    awesome find!
  6. Wow a Grey Boobie! You hit the jackpot!
  7. OMG!!! Its so adorable. Congrats!
  8. whoa i have never seen that one? two tone with leather! wow. cool.
  9. So cute. Congrats!!
  10. love your boobie! congrats!!
  11. Ooh...ur boobie is gorgeous...congrats, enjoy her...heheheh
  12. nice boob!!! :o) Congrats on your awesome find!!! :o)
  13. Lovely!! I'm a boobie lover myself :smile: This one has such a pretty color, it's almost two toned. Congrats on your adorable find!!
  14. congrats!
  15. Længe leve Trendsales - tillykke med den :yahoo:
    Jeg fulgte også med på annoncen, men har stadigt min første Balenciaga taske til gode - så det er pt første mål.