Look at my New Fondue Set!!!!! HOLLA!

  1. My dear friend Jamie (Sunshine) sent me the most amazing Christmas Gift (yes i opened it early). She knew exactly what I wanted (I have been dying for a nice big fondue set) and I am sooooo excited. I am dying to use it!


    Thanks again Jamie! I ADORE it! Its so amazing and so generous of you! (She also got me an obsession perfume set).

    Love ya girl! Cant wait for you to get your package from me tommorow!!! HOLLA!
  2. OH MY GOD!!! I love it!!! However, not nearly as much as I love you sista.
  3. Love you too!!!! Its huge! Its hard to tell in the picture but its massive. It can hold gallons of cheese! HOLLA!

    The book is really good too! Thanks! I am already scoping out what i will be melting then dipping tommorow!
  4. Post pics of Mr Meaty having fondue.
  5. OMG Mr. Meaty is not going to go anywhere near my fondue set! He uses his, erm uh, man part to dip!! Its foul!
  6. But, I thought the fondue stuff that you dip in is, er, hot?
  7. I am going to talk slow so you can follow along, He Is A Mutant......heat does not bother him!
  8. Well that is just fine. Not real sure why it is that you are so familiar with mutants but I have my suspicions.
  9. Duh!!!
  10. ugh.....damn meaty thing better go away soon..I HATE it.
  11. Shoo loves fondue. what a great gift Sunshine! can never have too much hot cheese and red wine...
  12. So Selena...when is the fondue party???LOLOLOL!

    Loves it..I actually asked for a fondue set for Xmas too.....So hooked on Melting Pot!!HEHE!
  13. Bagnshoo..now you told me that hot cheese and wine gave you horrible gas and that your DH has banned you from that combo.
  14. man! can't you keep ANY secrets???
  15. Sorry. At least I did not say anything about the bout of diarhea you had on your honeymoon.