Look at My New Cute Purse~~~

  1. I was kind like looking it for a long time, it was the limited edition in 2005, I love the pink color and PM size, it sold out very quickly, I cannot find anywhere, retail as what I am remembered was around $1100. , and few days ago, I found it in my local 2nd hand brand store!!!! and sell to me only at $570!!!:yahoo:Condition is pretty good too~ 8 out of 10~

    I write a check right away! Now it became my baby!!:wlae:

    I have many stuff need to carry~ it is almost the same size as damier 25. Really good to use for summer day~ HAHAHAHAHA~ Isn't cute!!! Love it love it love it!
    Pink Large e-mail view.jpg Pink1 Large e-mail view.jpg
  2. Congrate you have find your love one :wlae:
  3. Wow good deal on such a gorgeous bag :tup:. Congrats!
  4. gorgoeous bag. love it.
  5. Oh that's AWESOME!!!! That is one of the cutest bags ever made by LV.... and you got it at SUCH a great deal! Congrats! :yahoo:
  6. Love your new Trapeze. Congrats.
  7. what a great price!!!
  8. I love it!! I'm kind of looking for that one too! Maybe by the time I find it, I will have enough money for it. Glad you found it and paid a good price for it!
  9. Congrats, I got this one recently too and I love it as well!
  10. congrats.. it is such a great summer bag :smile:
  11. Congrats!
  12. Congrats! Beautiful bag at a great price!
  13. Congrats! Very cute.
  14. Wow - great deal - congrats:yahoo:
  15. What a good deal!!! Congrats