Look At My New Chanel:The ASTRACAN!!!

  1. I have FINALLY found my everyday black bag!!:yahoo:Thanks for your support Michele!
    It is so soft and the leather is sooo thick.
  2. oh that's beautiful!! Love the Astrakan ligne, very unique!!
  3. Thank you! You know how over the top I am LOL!!:supacool:
  4. wow - beautiful!
    Congrats and enjoy your beauty!
  5. I love it. What a great everyday bag! What I like most is the fact that the texture slightly obscures the double Cs. I think bags look their best when the logo isn't overly obvious. Congrats on a wonderful find! It is totally hot!
  6. I know and you can totally pull it off!:rochard:

    Me? not so much:nogood:
  7. I love the astrakan line as well! It looks so soft and huggable :tender:
    Congrats on this beauty!
  8. What a GORGEOUS bag. This is one of my all time favorites! How on earth did you find one of these babies still! Congratulations- she's sublime.
  9. This is beautiful, congrats!
  10. congrats!!I really like it..what a fun bag!!!!!
  11. Thanks everyone!! I'm so thrilled!
  12. So interesting and pretty! Congrats!!
  13. this is the first astracan i've seen :love: ~ congratulations!
  14. Wow, that's amazing, I've never even seen this bag before. I bet it's even more beautiful IRL. It looks very touchable too.
  15. Congrats! It's a very unique looking bag. You definitely won't see it coming and going....