Look at my new baby! Lots of pictures (store+collection)


I Love You Louis!
Feb 20, 2007
The Netherlands

Today i got myself a new baby! Her name is Eva and she is so pretty! They (LV store in Antwerpen) had the Richard Prince weekenders in the window..GORGEOUS!! I never liked them but they look so much better in real life! They also had a keepall in the window and i fell in love! Anyway i went inside and was browsing, the nicest SA EVER greeted me. She has helped me once and she is such a sweetheart! As i was browsing i saw the eva with a price tag of 385..DAMN i only had 365 with me since i guessed the price would be around 350 euros!i kept browsing (saw exotic pappilon , mancrazy, heartbreak and duderanch..beautiful!) and another SA greeted me, i think he is the manager. Anyway the way he greeted me was kinda funny, he had this look in his eyes like he had never seen a customer before! I told them i saw a bag i liked but didnt have the money so i had to go to the bank! Lol i felt a little ashamed. Before i left i asked the nice SA where i could find the closest atm. She gave me directions and well..i dont know if her directions were wrong or if i walked the wrong way but i couldnt find the right bank(i have a dutch bankaccount and i was in belgium). I did find a vintage designer store! The even had the black pochette conte de fees for 350 euros, also a mono wallet for 99 and vernis wallet for 199. After 20-30min searching i decided to walk back to the centre of the city and search for an atm machine there. Found one..close to vuitton ! Got back at vuitton and the sweet SA helped me. She was soooo nice! She started to talk about my mc speedy and asked if it was my first lv (it was not ;) ). So when i was paying she mentioned the price..345 euro. WHAT!! Lol i had read the price wrong and walked around Antwerpen for 30min in the rain
Lol but it was a nice suprise! The SA told me about heatstamping and we had a little talk..god she is such a sweetheart i felt like a VIC lol! Anyway..long story short..HERE SHE IS!!!

My lovely LV family :heart:

And some pics of the store



Nov 8, 2007
YAAYYYYY Suzanne you got it!!
It's gorgeous! Are you going to show us some modelling pics? :wlae:
(It would help since we have the same body stats, and all I've seen so far are Eva's on 5'2" & 105 lbs people haha)

I want to go to LV againnnn, it's been such a long time! I need to get a job first..

(En wat is je MC speedy toch mooi.. zucht:wtf:)


Aug 13, 2007
Wow beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing ... I love your collection and congrats on the new baby! She's a cutie!


DoLcE ViTa
Sep 21, 2007
sunny place....
so classy collection. I love your mc speedy and eva:smile:. I know you want eva so badly (I read at the eva club:smile:))congrat for your new goodie....nice store pics.


Feb 5, 2006
Oh my gosh! Lovely! I think the Eva is such a nice bag, congrats!

Love your other LVs too, and the way you took the pictures make them look even more TDF. The American flag background is perfect :tup:.


NE Born OH Bred
Jul 6, 2007
The Eva is very cute and a nice addition to your family. Thanks for the store pics. Sorry you had to walk in the rain for a half hour, but you got your prize in the end!