Look At My New Additions No Strip Tease!!!!!

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  1. My DH, son and I were near the Coach outlet so DH asked if I wanted to go to the outlet? Of course my answer is YES:yes::yes:!! So I am looking around and he spots this beauty he of course tells me to grab it!!! And here it is Legacy Sig Satchel style #10341! One of the SA told me that it was the last one and that some other lady had asked him to grab it from me!:wtf: He told her that he couldn't do that. :roflmfao:. Can you beleive that!! And I finally grabbed my legacy leather shoulder flap in whiskey style# 11134...My DH is the best I swear I :heart: him!!!
  2. They are both gorgeous! Congrats!
  3. WOW... that satchel is NICE!
  4. Congrats, I love that legacy shoulder flap!
  5. Lol @ the lady and the SA. How dare they? Your husband is so cool. Congrats.
  6. the whiskey is gorgeous!!!
  7. Congrats on both and what a sweet DH! :biggrin: The satchel is gorgeous and LOOK AT THAT WHISKEY LEATHER :drool: Not a scratch!
  8. Nice... that satchel is TDF! Congrats!
  9. Beautiful choices! Congrats:tup:
  10. WOW!!! You got some GREAT bags!! You have WONDERFUL taste!!
  11. Wow, they are both in such pristine condition! I love the flap bag, I actually had that on my wishlist for a while. Your dh is awesome to understand what great bags these are.
  12. Very nice!!
  13. Wow!!! I love both of your bags! They are gorgeous! and what a sweet DH! Congrats!
  14. Beautiful bags! That other lady is ghetto! :roflmfao:
  15. The satchel is beautiful! Nice choices.