look at my lovely new muse

  1. isn't it beautiful :yahoo: i have been taking it everywhere... even goes to the gym with me :graucho: . i wasn't sure about getting it b/c i didn't want to get it b/c it was a " IT" bag although i don't think it is but to me it like a classic =]]
  2. Congratulations!!! Enjoy!!!

    Is it the black patent?
  3. Oooooohhhh, the Black Patent Muse!!! Very nice. Congrats. It's stunning!

    I own the Chocolate Oversize Muse, and it's one of my favorites!
  4. Love it!
    what size di you get?
  5. Love it!
  6. i got the xl in black patent...some prople call it the oversize but im not sure if their is a difference
  7. It's very striking in patent!! Gorgeous bag, Congratulations!!
  8. love it..congrats!
  9. WOW! That bag is STUNNING! Congratulations!
  10. Beautiful bag - congrats!
  11. Pretty! Congrats!
  12. Nice bag! Great shine!
  13. Beautiful bag!
  14. Beautiful! :heart:
  15. That bag looks amazing in black patent! :nuts: Congrats!
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