Look at my first Azur... Keep or Return?

  1. Last weekend I was just "browsing" at my favorite mall, when I encountered a Damier Azur Selaya PM. :shocked: I got really excited because I know the Azurs are hard to find and next thing I know, I was walking out with my impulsive purchase.

    Now I'm wondering whether I should keep it or return it. Before getting it, I was not a big fan of the Damier Azur line. On the other hand, I need a light-colored bag for spring/summer. And the Selaya PM is a good sized shoulder bag. :yes:

    Here's a picture of it... I haven't even removed the plastic in case I decide to return it. Any thoughts?? :confused1:
    Bag 007.jpg
  2. I have a Selaya MM in Azur, and its now my favorite shoulder bag!! So pretty and roomy :love:!!
  3. but it's so cute!! i'd keep it!
  4. It's a beautiful bag! Perfect for Spring.
  5. Keep it! It's so adorable and you won't regret it!
  6. it's gorgeous and it's only going to get prettier with patina! keep it!
  7. I love Azur! I say definitely keep!!!

    And bb10lue, your signature is sooo cute! What are those characters from?
  8. I love it, I think it's a perfect bag you should keep it!
  9. keep it!
  10. I love that bag! You're so lucky you found one! I'd most definately keep it if I were you, but I'm biased :love:
  11. It's pretty. If you don't think you'll use it, then return it!
  12. I really want to have one....

    If I were you, I will keep it.. :smile:

    Ps. Congrats!!
  13. Keep it!
  14. It is beautiful and perfect for spring and summer.
  15. It's a beautiful bag! Most times, the first impulse is the right one!