Look at my 05 caramel day that I just got!! >>>

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  1. I had an 05 day before but I wasn't too fond of the caramel shade. It looked too pale and washed out (so I sold it).

    I got THIS one instead from my gf who decided that she didn't want it anymore. I was like :wtf:

    Giiiiive it to meeeeeeeeeeee :graucho:

    Its the most beautiful deep toffee caramel and I ADORE it.

    And of course, it has that mega thick soft 05 leather ....

    Isn't it gorgeous?

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  2. Congrats!! That is a real beauty! Thanks for sharing :heart:
  3. Congrats Karen :yahoo:I love it.:tup: Girl how do you manage to find the best Bbags ever.:nuts::heart:
  4. OOOOOO gorgeous!!!! :tup: congrats! loves it
  5. You know me. I'm picky :graucho:
  6. wow, you got bite bad by the b-bag bug! gorgeous bag, i adore the DAY!! :tup:
  7. That is good lookin'!!!!! :yahoo:
  8. :lol::woohoo::choochoo::heart::heart:
  9. GORGEOUS! It's funny how the '05 Caramel can vary so much. I almost wonder if it is the same batch issue as the Rouge Vif...
  10. I have definitely come to learn that within the same colour name, you can get different colours and textures. I've attached a pic of the 05 caramel that I sold. Its still a nice bag but the one that I've just got is a deeper, richer caramel.

    My vert gazon day bag is made from a pretty smooth leather. I know that many who have the same bag, there's is much more distressed.

    I'm glad I was picky though on this caramel day since its one of my fave colours.

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  11. she is delicious.
  12. I want a gf like that! COngrats! Thanks for posting your pics, I love seeing everyon's treasure.
  13. '

    I did get lucky. Of course I paid her for it but I was glad that she sold it to me because from the first time I saw it I loved it.
  14. :drool::drool:wow!! Karenab!! that 05 day is beautiful congratulations!
  15. oooo- that's a nice one! Congrats! I have a Caramel '05 Day, too, and she looks different from both of those. Do you think this color had a lot of variation to begin with or is it that they are all aging differently? All of them seem to have great leather.